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Welcome to AXS Health by Pharma Science Australia. X-Drive is manufactured to the highest Australian standards (TGA approved) and contains some of the most potent active ingredients available on the planet today. Key components, KSM-66® and Testofen® will help you achieve peak levels of performance and keep you physically in tune and mentally on point every day. A single tab, taken once in the morning helps to inspire your life and taken once again in the evenings to assist with restful sleep, aid in overcoming the effects of stress and fatigue and give you a supercharged boost in your private life too. We believe it really is the ultimate super supplement, just for men.


AXS is a contemporary lifestyle product that looks at the supplements world in a different way. We’re about giving people the drive and motivation they need to create the ultimate version of themselves. We bring products designed to help consumers maximize their physical wellbeing and positive mind-space, so they’re prepared to achieve and exceed the goals they set for themselves.

We don’t just look different from anything else on the shelf. We are different. Our high-quality, high potency formula packs in more of the key nutrients needed to support people looking to improve their performance in the human race. It’s a dynamic approach to a category, that’s ready for a new way of thinking.


The power to realise and exceed our potential exists in all of us. That’s why we’re passionate about success and enabling people from all walks of life to achieve their ambitions. But it takes a special kind of drive to convert aspirations into reality.

Physical and mental preparation – the secret ingredients behind hunger, desire and success.

We believe physical and mental preparation, are the secret ingredients behind hunger, desire and success. With them you can break the boundaries of your current existence, but ambition needs to be fed. Success is all about having the fire to get up in the morning ready to shake the world and possessing the power to reach for your outer limits and go beyond them.


That’s the purpose behind X-Drives unique formulation of active ingredients. It’s designed to give you the fuel to develop your strength, your mastery and your knowledge to become something more. Not being limited by where you are now, but preparing yourself to be in the best possible shape – to punch through life’s barriers to obtain what you truly want.

With X-Drive as part of your daily routine, you’re adding to your psychological and physical reserves. Giving you the energy and mental agility to take charge every single day and break through one challenge after another – no holding back. It’s within your grasp, right here, right now. Switch on to X-Drive and live to your full potential.

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