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gingko biloba / bilberry / bacopa monnieri / lutein / magnesium / lemon balm

60 tablets

X-Drive Brain contains Ginkgo Biloba to support normal memory, cognitive function, and circulation, it also contains bacopa used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to relieve symptoms of stress and tension. X-Drive Brain also contains bilberry and lutein to support healthy eye function.

  • Helps support normal/healthy memory
  • Helps support normal healthy function of the nervous system
  • Contains nutrients that support normal/ healthy immune system function
  • Helps support healthy eye function

Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) extract: 60mg

Derived from fresh fruit: 6g

Ginkgo biloba extract: 120mg

Derived from dry leaf: 6g

Salvia officinalis (sage) extract: 30mg

Derived from dry leaf: 150mg

Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) extract: 60mg

Derived from dry flower and leaf: 600mg

Bacopa monnieri (brahmi) extract: 100mg

Derived from dry whole plant:2g


(from magnesium amino acid chelate): 30 mg

Calcium pantothenate (Vit B5): 70 mg
Riboflavin (Vit B2): 35 mg
Thiamine hydrochloride (Vit B1): 25mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit B6): 25mg
Nicotinamide (Vit B3): 20mg
Lutein: 3mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12): 25micrograms

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
Brain - AXS Supplements
Brain - AXS Supplements
Brain - AXS Supplements
Brain - AXS Supplements
Brain - AXS Supplements
Brain - AXS Supplements

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